Vetkin Tape (6cm x 5m)

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Vetkin Tape is a neuromuscular taping product used by veterinarians (physiotherapists, nurses and massage therapists) in animal rehabilitation. 

Due to the hair content of most animals the adhesive quality of Vetkin is higher than normal Cure Tape or Punch Tape. Available in different colours. 

  •  Allows the skin to breath
  •  Prevents moisture build-up
  •  Helps to avoid rashes
  •  Designed to fit on any part of the body
  •  Air and water-permeable and also water-proof
  •  Up to (4-5 days) of use
  •  Size: 6cm x 5m (Width x Length)

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Vetkin Tape 

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Developed with former Animal Health professionals (Intervet/MSD) and THYSOL Group BV, Vektin Tape is the Global leading special veterinary developed for animals. Differentiates compared to current (human) kinesiology tapes available on the market; glue used, flexibility of the tape, thickness and size of the tape. 


The tape supported the muscles in their function without restricting their range of movement. By treating the affected muscles in this way, the body’s own healing process could be activated. The hypoallergenic, porous, skin friendly properties of the tape make it possible for your animal to wear the tape for many days, making a 24 hour a day treatment possible.


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Increase circulation to an area, reduce fatigue, aid in shortening the healing tim, assist joint and muscle movement encouraging full range of motion, reduce inflammation and associated pain, reduce swelling and edema (lymph taping), re-educate muscle memory, support ligaments, tendons and joints, prevent injury and speed recovery, Supports with injury rehabilitation.

The effect of VetkinTape is based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neuro and mechano sensory receptors. 



It can be used by veterinarians, but also by non-medical practitioners. In contrast to conventional taping methods, which often effect a disturbance of the joints and the course of movement because using of non-elastic materials, the new kind of taping effects a different result.

Different uses include muscle relaxation techniques, muscle assist techniques, joint/tendon/ligament techniques, circulation – fan basket weave techniques, fascia release techniques, localized decompression or spot techniques. Vetkin Tape is available in different colours.