Triton-MRL 250g Powder

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Triton-MRL is the result of three mushrooms. All benefits of Reishi Cordyceps and Shiitake in the same formula.  

The Mushroom Biomass is Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegetarians, and does not contain any Artificial Colouring or Preservatives.

  •  Boost your imune system

  •  Protects from alergies

  •  Improves your endurance levels

Also available in 90 tablet solution

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Triton-MRL is a novel combination of three medicinal mushrooms: Cordyceps, Reishi and Shiitake. Each one has has particular strengths. Cordyceps, acts quickly on your immune system. Reishi among other important attributes has anti-histaminic properties and Shiitake is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals specially on vitamin D.

This combination gives excellent results against chronic allergic responses and other chronic problems requiring long-term tonification and immunity-enhancing treatment.


Enhance our body's immune system and improve blood circulation, thus improving better health conditions. Increases the amount of oxygen uptake in the body and enhances cellular energy production, thereby providing that extra push for people who need a shot of energy.



­­The Triton-MRL biomass contains the mycelium and primordia (young fruiting body) of the mushroom . In comparison to Triton extracts, biomass has the advantage of no unwanted shift in effect which occurs with extracts or concentrates, including lyophilisation, and thus the activity of the product corresponds with the source mushroom. The biomass is certified organic in the United States. The biomass form allows for the mushroom enzymes and beta-glucans to be resistant to proteolytic enzymes found in the stomach.


The MRL cultivation system is proprietary allowing for the standardized production of Triton in California. With cultivation complete, the biomass powder is sealed in plastic containers and shipped to Holland. In Holland the Triton biomass is packed to food grade standards into 500 mg tablets and powder presentations

Powder or Tablet 

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MRL Triton is also available in 90 tablet solution. 

Nutritional information


No artificial colouring, no artificial preservatives 

No gluten containing ingredients and suitable for vegetarians


Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Sterate

Each Tablet of Triton-MRL contains 163mg biomass powder of:

Ganoderma ludium
Crodyceps sinensis

Lentinula edodes


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