Polyporus-MRL 90 Tablets

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Polyporus-MRL (Polyporus umbellatus) tablets contain both mycelium and primordia (young fruit body) cultivated into a biomass that is grown on a sterilised (autoclaved) substrate in US. The tablets are certified to ISO 22000:2018 standard.

Polyporus-MRL is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals such as retinol, riboflavin and thiamine. This mushroom has diuretic properties and is consumed to promote overall good health and longevity.


  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Does not contain any artificial colouring or preservatives


  • Antioxidants and immune properties

  • Good antioxidant source    

Also available Polyporus-MRL 250g powder.

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Polyporus also known as Grifola umbellata sponges on old deciduous trees or on tree stumps, most often on beech, maple, and oak trees. Fruiting bodies resemble a sea sponge; they separate into numerous tiny branches tipped with small umblrella-like roundish caps.

The first record of this mushroom comes from the Shennong´s canon of Materia Medica (about 250 AD)where it is included in the middle category of herbs, which are considered to be effective but not suitable for long-term use.



Rich in minerals as sodium and potassium great for the the body and this property coupled with its diuretic abilities  Rich in anti oxidants, and stimulates your blood stream.


­­The Polyporus-MRL biomass contains the mycelium and primordia (young fruiting body) of the mushroom Polyporus umbellatus. In comparison to Polyporus extracts, biomass has the advantage of no unwanted shift in effect which occurs with extracts or concentrates, including lyophilisation, and thus the activity of the product corresponds with the source mushroom. The biomass is certified organic in the United States. The biomass form allows for the mushroom enzymes and beta-glucans to be resist to proteolytic enzymes found in the stomach. 


The MRL cultivation system is proprietary allowing for the standardized production of Polyporus comatusis in California. With cultivation complete, the biomass powder is sealed in plastic containers and shipped to Holland. In Holland the Polyporus biomass is packed to food grade standards into 500 mg tablets and powder presentations.

Tablet or Powder 

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MRL Polyporus tablets are film coated to protect them from moisture, thus preserving the quality of the product. After passing quality control testing the tablets are released for use. The choice of additives used in manufacture renders these tablets suitable for Kosher or Vegetarian use.

Also available in 250g powder solution.  

Nutritional information


No artificial colouring, no artificial preservatives 

No gluten containing ingredients and suitable for vegetarians


Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Sterate

Each Tablet of Poria - MRL contains:

Polyporus umbellatus - biomass powder 500 mg


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