Cure Tape (5cm x 5m)

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Cure Tape: 5 m x 5 cm (Beige, Blue, Pink, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green and Red).  

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Cure Tape

The application of the neuromuscular band is a technique of manual application of an elastic band, without latex, on the body in flexed positions, so that, when the body returns to its normal position, the band shows "undulations" or "wrinkles".  The band adhesive does not contain alcohol, allowing the application to remain between three to five days.


Cure Tape has the CE certificate with the number NL / CA01 / 04-07434 and GMDN code No. 8431 issued by the Dutch Health Authority.




The application of the Cure Tape involves the manipulation of the facia of the skin thereby affecting non-specialized connective tissue and thus:

a) Reduces chronic inflammation

b) Reduces fibrosis

c) Reduces skin tension

d) Increases skin mobility

e) Initiates analgesic effect through the ATP (pain relief) process.




  1. There is no chemical or pharmacological product in the product.

  2. The patch is alcohol-free with a hypoallergenic, wave-shaped support, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allowing the skin to breathe.

  3. The tape is not latex, but based on cotton fibre; providing elasticity similar to that of human skin (130% -140% self-stretching).

  4. The adhesive characteristics of the surface are activated by body heat.

  5. The band is permeable to air and water, and water resistant; allowing the tape to be used for several days (4-5 days) without losing the quality of its effect.

  6. The elastic viscose band with extra strong adhesion, breathable hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.

Ask your Tissue Specialist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or Physiotherapist for more information.

Cure Tape Products

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Available in Punch Tape, Cross Tape and Menstrual Tape forms in different colours and sizes.

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