Aneid was founded in 1997 in Portugal by William Ahern.

He immediately saw an opportunity to establish “niche” healthcare solutions (medical devices and nutrition) that could be recommended by healthcare practitioners but would be affordable for patients.

His knowledge as an European drug licensing director, allowed the european expansion to Spain in 1992 and Italy in 1998. In 2012 begins the distribution of Aneid UK products.

We focus on providing products for practitioners and doctors that practice the following specialties: Physical Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Paediatric Care and Homeopathy.

Cure Tape 

is a neuromuscular tape.  The product line has specific applications in sport injury rehabilitation, post-cosmetic surgery, lymphatic drainage, speech therapy, neurologial application and veterinary care. 

Happy Strap a harness to help Down Syndrome children with the effects of hypotonia. It ensures that the legs stay in the correct position relative to the hips and prevents the legs from splaying. Available in four sizes and various colours. Can be washable for repeated use.

Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL) is a global leader in mushroom nutrition

...for those who want to improve their nutrition and wellness. Also available for animals as: Corpet.

Speak a supplement for children with Autistic Syndrome Disorders. This multi-vitamin capsule from Nourish Life contains Omega 3 which helps to modify the behaviour and possibly aids in verbal apraxia. 

We want to conduct clinical research and keep establishing our brands in each country. 

Our training program is highly important to teach our customers more about our products.

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