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    Kinesiology Taping for Horses by Renate Ettl describes the rational for the application of kinesiology tape in equine rehabilitation. This book is for veterinarians and those healthcare professionals assisting veterinarians. This book is not for the public.The book addresses how the application of kinesiology tape can complement existing rehabilitation...

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    This fifty-five page handbook is specifically for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and other health care practitioners who use mushroom nutrition in their respective practices. The handbook is focused on the following twelve biomass mushrooms: Coriolus versicolor, Cordyceps sinensis, Grifola frondosa (Maitake), Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi),...

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    Useful tool for those learning the Neuromuscular Taping techniqueThe 384 page book answers to the most frequently asked questions: When is NeuroMuscular Taping applied?How is it applied?What clinical advantages does it offer?Learn in detail the mechanism of action of NeuroMuscular Taping and the concepts of human anatomy and physiology....

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    This cookbook tells the story of two friends merging their individual passions for two of nature’s most nutritional ingredients and offers a collection of recipes for all home cooks to enjoy. The cookbook also shares Malcolm’s discovery of how wild mushrooms go from nature to the store shelf and then your plate as gourmet mushrooms.Free shipping over £75.

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    In recent years, the neuromuscular taping technique called Taping NeuroMuscolare (or Medical Taping Concept in Northern Europe ) has gained a distinct position in therapies in Europe. Until now, there were no comprehensive reference books available. Josya Sijmonsma has succeeded in providing a lucid survey of the various techniques used in the Taping...

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